Simon Richards

I live in Cardiff. I am chairperson of Cardiff People First, my local self-advocacy organisation. I am currently vice-chair of All Wales People First National Council, and their rep for Cardiff

I enjoy walking, karaoke, and taking photos of squirrels and buses!!

I work at Barod as part of their Research team

My research interests are Public Transport, social activities and health.

Currently I am involved in the Humanising Healthcare project. This ESRC funded project is run by Dan Goodley from Sheffield University. It is about putting people and their views and feelings at the centre of their healthcare.

My past research work has included

  • A Good Day. This project tried to find out what a Good Day looked like for people with learning disabilities in Torfaen. It was led by Torfaen Council and Barod CIC and was funded by the Integrated Care Fund.
  • Research that concerns you - people with learning disabilities planning for peer review, This project looked at what needs to happen for people with learning disabilities to get involved in peer review of academic articles. It was led by Abigail Croydon from Southampton University.
  • An evaluation of the Self Advocacy Together project. This was led by Learning Disabiity England and funded by Nesta.


Barod was invited by the editor of the British Journal of Learning Disabilities to do the first 'In Response' where we looked at an academic paper and wrote what we thought about it.

Beth Lewis, Simon Richards, Simon Rice, Anne Collis (2020) A response to Bates, C et al (2020) “Always trying to walk a bit of a tightrope”: The role of social care staff in supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop and maintain loving relationships. British Journal of Learning Disabilities 48(4): 269-271.

Links to my work

Humanising Healthcare - putting people's views and feelings at the centre of their healthcare

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Beth Lewis et al (2020) A response to Bates, C et al ....

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A Good Day - easyread report

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A Good Day - report

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About Alan
Alan Armstrong was one of the co-founders in 2013 of Barod CIC who sadly died in 2021. Alan left behind a strong academic legacy as a self-advocate researcher.

One of Alan's ambitions was to create a space where he and other self-advocate researchers could meet and be visible. This website is the start of creating such a space.