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the Armstrong et al Collection

This website is a space where self-advocate researchers can promote themselves and their research. This matters because we are often only visible via our academic partners.

As the Armstrong et al Collection develops, there will be opportunities for self-advocate researchers to network and share their work. In the meantime, please feel free to contact each other using whatever contact details each person has put in their researcher profile.

This website has been created in memory of Alan Armstrong by some of his colleagues. This is because Alan died before he was able to set it up himself. Barod CIC and friends want Alan's research to be remembered. This is why Alan has a researcher profile on this site even though he is no longer with us.

Who are we?

This website has been put together by Barod CIC, PinkGold Ltd, Carmarthenshire People First and Dragon Technology Wales.
Barod CIC is a cooperative founded by people with and without learning disabilities. Barod CIC includes a research team, Barod Research, who are currently involved in developing their own academic research projects as well as contributing to other projects. Barod Research were the first contributors to the British Journal for Learning Disabilities' In Response feature. 

PinkGold Ltd was founded by Dr Anne Collis in 2022, with the aim of making the academic and business worlds more accessible to wider audiences. 

Carmarthenshire People First is part of the international People First movement. Alan was a key leader, member and friend.

Dragon Technology Wales was founded by Richard Manning in 2018. Richard provides IT support and advice to a number of clients, including Barod CIC, PinkGold Ltd and Carmarthenshire People First. Richard designed this site.

Project Partners

About Alan
Alan Armstrong was one of the co-founders in 2013 of Barod CIC who sadly died in 2021. Alan left behind a strong academic legacy as a self-advocate researcher.

One of Alan's ambitions was to create a space where he and other self-advocate researchers could meet and be visible. This website is the start of creating such a space.