Richard Keagan-Bull

Richard is a Research Assistant at Kingston University of London. Richard, who has a learning disability, works on 3 research projects.


One is ‘The Growing Older Planning Ahead’ project. The second one is the ‘Staying Alive and Well’ project which is part of the ‘Learning Disability Mortality Review’ – a report about the early deaths of people with a learning disability. The third project is ‘The Victoria and Stuart’ project which is about planning end of life care. Richard co-interviews people with learning disabilities and analyses the data that is collected with the team. He has also been co-facilitating the co-design group.


Richard was shortlisted for The Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list. Richard has written his life story which will be published later this year. He is a Trustee at Walsingham Support and is on the Editing Team of ‘Community Living’ Magazine. He was the Co-Chair of The Assembly for people with learning disabilities in Lambeth for 10 years.

Links to my work

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About Alan
Alan Armstrong was one of the co-founders in 2013 of Barod CIC who sadly died in 2021. Alan left behind a strong academic legacy as a self-advocate researcher.

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