Claudia Magwood

I am interested in research about people with learning disabilities and/or autism and frienships.

Currently I am involved in the Humanising Healthcare project. This ESRC funded project is run by Dan Goodley from Sheffield University. It is about putting people and their views and feelings at the centre of their healthcare.

In the past I have worked on different projects:

  • I was a coresearcher with Jan Walmsley on an evaluation of All Wales People First's project ‘Hear Me, Include Me, Respect Me’.
  • I was a peer researcher in a project called ‘Young people and friendships’. This was led by Carp Collaborations and was funded by the Community Fund.
  • I was a researcher with Carp Collaborations for a report on transitions into adulthood for people with learning disabilities by the Children's Commissioner for Wales.
  • I was a researcher and did telephone calls to people who were lonely and isolated for the Thrive project in Monmouthshire.

I helped to lead a workshop on Looking at transitions differently at the Learning Disability Wales Annual Conference in 2018

Links to my work

Humanising Healthcare - putting people's views and feelings at the centre of their healthcare

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'Young People and Friendships: What matters to us?' Report

Read report

'Don't Hold Back' report by the Children's Commissioner for Wales

Read report
About Alan
Alan Armstrong was one of the co-founders in 2013 of Barod CIC who sadly died in 2021. Alan left behind a strong academic legacy as a self-advocate researcher.

One of Alan's ambitions was to create a space where he and other self-advocate researchers could meet and be visible. This website is the start of creating such a space.